Fitzroy Gardens with the Samsung Galaxy S3

Yesterday I had a unplanned Social Snappers trip into Fitzroy Gardens.  The plan was to take photos around the Treasury Gardens and then head over to the Fitzroy Gardens. Our plans had to be changed because it started raining so we headed to the conservatory which was a sea of colour, lots and lots of blooming flowers.



I did take my DSLR, but I don’t have a macro lens, and the best way to get close ups of all the flowers was with my phone and the macro setting on it.

melbourne-gardens-flowers-city-rain-8It was fantastic how close you could get, though you really needed a steady hand.  It is quite challenging using your phone to take photos.  Getting it to focus and then pressing to take the photo, well, I ended up with lots that were put into the rubbish bin. I know that people think that taking photos with the phone is really easy, but you really have to concentrate on composition a lot more.  I think I messed that up a bit with these.

melbourne-gardens-flowers-city-rain-14We tried to leave the conservatory and go into the rest of the gardens, but it wouldn’t stop raining, so we decided to give up and head into the city for lunch.  As we walked along the road/path beside the Treasury Buildings, one of the people with us pointed out that we could see all the buildings reflected in the footpath.  They looked so good.

We had to use out phones, it was too wet to get out the DSLR.  I did try at one point, but it was easier with the phone.

Don’t forget if you would like to join us on some or all of the Social Snappers Excursions then all the details for Term 4, Sundays and Thursdays are above. Here is a gallery with the above images and some of the others I took. All the photos were processed in Lightroom, they didn’t come out of the phone looking like this, I did enhance them a bit.




6 thoughts on “Fitzroy Gardens with the Samsung Galaxy S3

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  2. My new phone is an S3 so I’m excited to see what you have done with it Leanne. I was impressed with the zoom capabilities when we went to the football a few weeks ago. The photo of the game on my Facebook page was taken with it.


    • That’s really good Carol. I love taking photos with it, only problem I have is that it chews through the battery. I need a new battery, it is over two years old now. It is a lot of fun though. I will go and take another look.


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