Royal Botanical Gardens

On a recent trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens for Social Snappers we were taking lots of photos of flowers.  DSLR cameras are good for lots of things, but unless you have a macro lens, they aren’t good for photographing flowers, you just can’t get close enough.  In places like this often your compact or phone cameras are the best, they have macro settings which allow you to get really close.  They are great, the only real problem is that you need a steady hand.

However, when we went to Royal Botanical Gardens, I was lucky and had a loan of a 90mm Tamron Macro lens, and I really enjoyed taking photos with it.  It was nice to have a dedicated lens for doing it, though it does have other problems, you still need a steady hand, and you can click a few images at the same time so you can get at least one in focus.  Another lady was also trying to use a macro lens and it was good to give her lots of encouragement and advice on what she could be doing.

The afternoon for Social Snappers at the Royal Botanical Gardens was warm and relaxing.  There were so many things to photograph, and in the end I am sure we only covered a small part of it. Being able to see the city in the distance gave a new dimension to more landscape style images.  We stopped at the cafe there for something to eat and a coffee.  The coffee shop there has a lovely view out to the water.  You could watch the people going for rides on the gondolier, a funny thing to see in Melbourne. If it hadn’t been so warm in the sun I might have done it.

I am going to put some of the photos that I took with the macro lens here for you to see.  Please remember that more trips are coming up.  We are off to the Abbotsford Convent and Collingwood Children’s Farm this coming Thursday, should be another great place for photos, especially the convent, an incredible building.



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