Sunday Excursions

All are on Sundays, and in the afternoon.

2015 – Term 2

Dates and places for Excursions in term 2 2015, keep these dates free:

I have dates and places now, even times.

  • April 19th – 10am Fitzroy Gardens, taking photos of the Autumn colours.
  • May 3rd – 6.30am Early morning in the city, taking photos along the Yarra River
  • May 17th – 1.30pm Royal Exhibition Building, photographing outside and hopefully get a tour as well
  • May 31st – 1pm Cranbourne Botanical Gardens
  • June 14th – 12.30pm Werribee Zoo

Further Information

Any level of photography is fine for each week, and any sort of camera can be used, except for the last week, you can use a phone camera or compact for the last week, but there will be some things that a DSLR will be best for.

If you would like to book then please use the contact form.


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