About Social Snappers

Social Snappers was organised mainly for women who would like to go out and take photos in a group environment.

LeanneCole-Melbourne-CrownCasino-yarra-9993The excursions are for:

  • women
  • people who want to take photos
  • people with any sort of camera
  • people who liked to have excursions organised for them
  • people who like social outings
  • people who don’t like going out on their own to take photos
  • people who have a passion for photography
  • someone who needs to know they have excursions organised and all they have to do it go
  • people who are planning a trip and want practice taking photos under the guidance of an experienced photographer

Each term are a series of excursions, in and around Melbourne will be planned.  You can join one, or all of them.  The focus of these group excursions will be on taking photos in beautiful locations and socialising with people who have the same interests as you.

I will be the facilitator of the excursions and will plan each one.  I am also there each time to help you with your camera and any problems you might experience.  I can give advice on composition as well. The excursions aren’t lessons, but I am available to help you learn things and give you guidance.

Each term there will be 5 excursions planned, roughly every 2 weeks, at this stage they will be on Sunday Afternoons.  However, if people enjoy them, there will be scope to do them at other times and different times of the day.

Leanne Cole

Leanne is a Melbourne based photographer and artist who has a passion for photography.  She likes to experiment with many different types of photography and one thing she loves to do is share what she knows with people who want to learn photography. She enjoys social photography outings and doing Social Snappers has been a fantastic experience for her and those that come along.  Photography is a skill, but it is also a great social thing to do with others.

If you would like to see more about Leanne, then take a look at her blog, Leanne Cole Photography.


10 thoughts on “About Social Snappers

  1. have you found anyone yet? lol I am always out and about at night taking pics and I hate being out on my own. have you had any interest from other females?


    • Yes, Nina, I have, they are slowly building, I would like more to come, but at the moment it is small groups, 3 or 4 which is also nice. I don’t care if one goes, or 10 go, we still go.


  2. Hi Leanne, not sure if my first comment came through. Just wondering if you have had any interest in your excursions yet? I am always out and about on my own so would be good to be with others. cheers. Nina


  3. Oh I how I wished I lived in Melbourne, or you lived here in the UK… I would love to go on something like this… All the best Leanne in your new venture… hope it is a success. xx


  4. I like this concept too…sounds fun. I sometimes wish I had a photo buddy to go out with. As it is my husband is a good sport on the further journeys (like if it is a 3 hr drive) but there are times a photo friend would be awesome for various local destinations. I saw on the other blog you had some difficulties with it. Maybe people take it for granted with your generous offer so many excursions…perhaps just once a month. Meantime too bad I am not in Australia, I’d go!!


    • It is great to havea photo buddy Judy, someone who will go with you, help inspire you when you are feeling it, be prepared to understand why you have to get a particular shot. I have had lots of difficulties and am thinking it is time to concentrate on other things. Yes, shame you aren’t here.


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