Testimonial from Suzz

I was lucky enough to go out with Leanne to the waterfalls up in King Lake – we actually only managed to get to Mason Falls because of time constraints, but that just means there is a reason to go back!

My DSLR was in getting a sensor clean, so I only had my iPhone with me and I must admit I was a bit hesitant as I’m so used to having my ‘big’ camera on these trips out and about.  But I’m off overseas soon so thought it would be a great King Lake Mason Falls, spores on tree trunkKing Lake Mason Falls, white flowers 2opportunity to see how I managed with the camera on the iPhone.

I took over 100 photo’s in the hour or so we were there and (started!!) to learn how to make the most of the camera in the phone.  I must admit my hand isn’t necessarily as steady as I thought it would be (so more practice required), but it did teach me that I don’t have to have my DSLR with me to take photo’s: something most people already know, but I guess I’m a bit late to that party!

I like taking close up photo’s just as much as landscapes and found that the marco in the iPhone is great for that.  From now on, I’ll be making sure that the iPhone gets taken out as well as the DSLR and won’t decline to join in just because my camera isn’t available for use.  I’ve included some of the photo’s I took on the day and must admit I like the macro’s better than the landscapes in this instance.

Social Snappers is a great way to get out and about, particularly if you want to go out with like minded people who just enjoy taking photo’s (and if I’m honest, I really would prefer to go out with someone else, not go out just by myself) You don’t have to have a big camera and lots of lenses – as I found out, something as simple as a camera phone can be just as much fun.


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